Chipotle Drops In 2016 Rankings


Can I get a burrito bowl with white rice and black beans? The popular Chipotle fast food mexican restaurant, has dropped from it’s number one spot in the polls. Not even placing it the top four against competitors.

Waitress Tipped Big By George W. Bush Tweets That He Did 9/11


Leisa Smith was having a good serving shift when former President George Bush & wife Laura sat at her table and tipped her very well. Leisa than turned her back on Bush and went on Twitter to claim he set up 9/11 – one of the biggest conspiracies amongst theorists. Hit the jump for this mockery.

(Video) Wow: Dude Videos Himself Pissing In Kelloggs Cereal Conveyor Line


Well guess who’s not buying Kelloggs anytime soon? This guy seriously had the idea to not only let off a solid stream into the cereal, but figured hey why not film it? Hit the jump to witness this foolery.

(Video) Here’s Waka Flocka & Raury Making Vegan Pancakes Because…The Internet


Waka Flocka lost a lot of weight recently, and he revealed it’s because he made some major changes in his diet. He still likes to eat, though, so VICE decided to bring him and ATL artist Raury together, put them in the kitchen and have them make vegan pancakes. Watch the magic happen below. (Pause.)

(Photo) It’s Lit! Burger King Adds Grilled Hot Dogs To Their Menu

Burger King - Have It Your Way

For foodies all over – this is extremely exciting news! The Burger King food chain has announced that they are adding grilled hot dogs to their menu. The new addition will be available at every BK restaurant starting February 23rd. Not only is this great news for our stomachs, but they will also give customers the option to get a regular or chili cheese dog! Options, people.. it’s all about options.

Check Your Receipts!! Dunkin Donuts Overcharges Add To Almost $15 Million


Dunkin Donuts faces lawsuits after overcharging NY and NJ customers almost $15 million. Hit the jump for the whole story.

(Video) Who Does That?? Man Throws An Alligator Into A Drive-Thru Window


Florida sure does pranks differently. Hit the jump to find out why an alligator ended up inside a Wendy’s.

(Video) Action Bronson Visits Jamaica In New Episode Of F*ck That’s Delicious

Action Bronson Cookbook Coming

Action Bronson built his fan base from outrageous lyrics and eating good food across the world. In this latest episode of his Vice series Fuck That’s Delicious, Bronsolino goes to Jamaica for the good weather and good food. Hit the jump for more.

Subway Lovers Outraged That $5 Footlongs Will Now Be $6; Effective Immediately!


Subway fans across the nation are outraged that their beloved $5 subs that made the chain famous will be $6 starting Feb. 4, 2016. The company took to Twitter to share the news of the switch and even responds the harsh feedback from unhappy campers. See the announcement after the jump!

How Romantic: Waffle House Offers Candle Lit Dinner For Valentine’s Day

IFWT_Waffle House

If your money isn’t looking too long for Valentine’s Day, do not fear. There is a solution for you and bae to fill your tummies on February 14th! The popular 24-hour restaurant Waffle House will be offering a special candle lit dinner experience on Valentine’s Day at select locations in 18 different states. You can find out which locations are offering the special by checking their official website. They are currently taking reservations, so make yours now!

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