Doctors Warn Animal Feed Could Poison Children


Farm animals get sick just like humans. So, farmers feed them antibiotics to keep them alive. However, not only sick animals get antibiotics. Antibiotics mix into all the feed, though. This way, even healthy animals eat the antibiotics. When humans eat these animals, doctors say kids can get sick. Hit the jump to find out how.

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350,000 Cans Of SpaghettiOs Recalled For Potential Choking Hazard


According to Campbell Soup Company, small pieces of red plastic from part of the cans’ lining surfaced in a small number of cans. So, they are recalling 350,000 SpaghettiOs. Hit the jump for information on how to tell if a can was recalled.

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(Video) Trick Daddy On A New Hustle: Food Seasoning!


Although many may (or may not have) been wondering what happened to the Florida rapper Trick Daddy, who was a huge hip-hop sensation in the early 2000’s, he hasn’t stop hustlin’ to try and make financial profits for him and his family; he’s out here entering the cooking scene! Whether you like the guy or not, he’s not giving up on making assets no matter what, Trick Daddy just launched a Kickstarter for his very own line of spices (Or actually, as he refers to it, a “Trickstarter”). Maybe his resilience and entrepreneurship will inspire you, check out exactly what he’s planing on doing.

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Domino’s Pizza Delivery Cars Now Comes With Ovens


Domino’s Pizza is just stepping it up this year! First with being able to order a pizza with just a simple emoji, now with delivery cars pimped out with ovens.. they are definitely receiving a 100 in customer satisfaction.

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(Photos) Absolutely Disgusting: Man Finds Dead Rat INSIDE HIS SUBWAY SANDWICH!


This might be the most disgusting and stomach-turning thing I’ve seen all year.

A man by the name of Matt Jones posted a photo onto his Facebook page of his Subway sandwich he purchased from the popular sub franchise. However, he got a little extra meat on his sub than expected.

“Look at that Beast of a mouse in the spinach at Subway today! Good thing we didn’t bite into it! AMAZING! WTF!!! The manager was in shock!” he wrote on the photo of a sub he took with an entire dead rat under his spinach.

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Budweiser & Miller Merge In Record $104.48B Deal!!!


Good news for beer lovers! Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD) agreed overnight to merge with SABMiller. BUD bought SABMiller for about $68/share. This makes BUD the largest beer brewer in the world; they will now possess about 1/3 of the beer market. Heineken is second and a bit behind, owning 9% of the market.

Hit the jump to find out what this means for new beer recipes.

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Is McDonald’s Going To Be Serving Breakfast All Day Long?


The day we’ve all been waiting for is almost here – McDonalds breakfast being served all day long!

Starting in March, McDonald’s will be doing a test run with serving breakfast all day long. According to BallerAlert, “more than 14,300 restaurants in the U.S. needed to install separate griddles and train staff on how to handle breakfast orders simultaneously with lunch and dinner.”

This is exciting for McGriddle lovers such as myself because everyone knows McDonalds breakfast is THE BOMB.COM!

Now we won’t have to rush and pray that we made the cut-off for Micky Dee’s breakfast anymore as soon as it’s official! Nom nom nom

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2 Million Cheerios Recalled


Cheerios just spent bucco cash on a commercial claiming they remove the wheat from their cereal. Well, not so fast. General Mills just had to recall 1.8 million boxes because wheat got past the machines.

If you have Celiac, or know someone who does, stay away from the cereal for now.

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(Video) Michelle Obama Visits Jimmy Kimmel With PSA ‘Eat Your Effin’ Vegetables’


First Lady Michelle Obama is doing everything she can to make fruits, vegetables and healthy eating more appealing to Americans. Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, aired her PSA that introduces her new campaign ‘FNV.’

Check out the video below.

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(Video) DJ Khaled Gives Us A Behind The Scenes Look At His New Restaurant – Finga Licking!


Not only is DJ Khaled multi-talented from the turntables to the studio, but he is also quite the business mogul!

The We The Best head honcho recently opened up a new Miami-style soul food restaurant in Northern Mi-Yayo called Finga Licking, located at 12490 NW 7th Ave. The unique restaurant specializes in fried seafood, chicken wings, lobster, steak, meatloaf and most importantly – the red velvet cake! They also offer a long list of “mysterious drinks” to accompany any dish.

Click below to check out DJ Khaled giving us a behind the scenes look at his new restaurant that is getting praised by anyone who steps foot in the building!

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