[VIDEO] Oh No! ‘Ratatouille’ Invades Famed NYC Cronut Bakery Dominique Ansel Causing Health Department To Shutdown!

Dominique Ansel Infestation

For all you struggling with sweet tooth addictions…… this just might be the cure all needed to rid your lust for sweets permanently and jump start that summer diet you’ve been gabbing about. It looks like famed Soho Cronut Bakery, Dominique Ansel, is in a wee bit of hot water after the NYC Heath Department shut them down for rodent infestation?!

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(Video) Machine Gun Kelly Chefs It Up For His Boys

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly and his boys are super close, and even all live together out in L.A. in a huge bachelor pad. Unlike some guys who keep a bare fridge and live off take out, these guys actually keep the fridge stocked and chef it up together! Watch Chef BoyarKELS get down below!

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(Video) Rick Ross Is Making That Bread Off Of Chicken & Does His Famous ‘Uh’ Line For Arsenio


Rozay not only had the crowd going wild with his performance of “Sanctified,” but the entrprenuer shocked Arsenio Hall with his skills in the chicken wing business.
Stopping by the show to continue on the Mastermind promo run, Rick Ross tells the story of how his love of lemon pepper wings came to be. Check that out and more, after the jump.

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Wow! Eating Meat And Cheese Is As Deadly As WHAT!?!?


This is very interesting. According to a recent study, eating a lot of meats and cheeses during middle age is as deadly as smoking. The study that comes from the University of Southern California, published in the journal, Cell Metabolism, elaborates that “consuming high levels of animal proteins could be detrimental to a person’s health.” Hit the jump for more info.

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No More OJ? Insect-Born Disease Reducing Orange Supply


Orange juice not tied to breakfast anymore? The demise of people sitting down for breakfast has taken an especially harsh toll on orange juice sales, which have fallen 40%! Only 82% of Americans say they eat breakfast, down from 89% in 1971. Another factor is an insect-born disease called “citrus greening” that is reducing the supply making orange juice more expensive.

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Taco Bell Is Whipping Out A New Breakfast Menu In March


The latest chain to enter the market is Taco Bell, which is introducing a new breakfast menu to include Waffle Taco, A.M Crunchwrap and Cinnabon Delights. These items have already been tested at 850 restaurants for more than a year and a half, and will now be extended to nationwide restaurants.

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(Photos + Video) Nipsey Hussle Designs Uniforms For Fatburger In His Hometown

Nipsey Hussle x Fatburger

Nipsey Hussle’s hometown of Crenshaw opened a new Fatburger over the weekend, and with a man who goes by the moniker Neighborhood Nip, you know he had to be a part of it! Nipsey’s successful Marathon Clothing streetwear brand linked with the iconic L.A. eatery, and created customized uniforms just for their location!

“Fatburger being an iconic brand in L.A., our core values aligned,” Nip told MTV News at the grand opening. We had an idea to co-brand the Crenshaw collection from the Marathon Clothing with the Fatburger logo. The Fatburger logo, it’s like the Hollywood sign or it’s like something you come to L.A. and you think Los Angeles. We didn’t want to get in the way of that,” Nipsey said. “We just wanted to represent our area and also the Crenshaw collection.” Find out more about the uniforms below!

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(Video) Kelis Lands Her Own Special On The Cooking Channel


It’s more than her milkshake that Kelis has bringing boys to the yard! The singer is actually quite skilled in the kitchen, having graduated from esteemed culinary school Le Cordon Bleu some years back, and even launching a sauce line in 2013.

Next up for Kelis is her very own ‘Saucy & Sweet’ special on the Cooking Channel, airing February 26th at 8:30pm EST. Find out a little more on what to expect in the promo below.

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(News) 9 Million Pounds Of Ground Beef Processed With Diseased Cows !


If you live in Cali, Chicago, Texas and Florida you might want to check your ground beef. Theres report of a feeding corporation in California produced ground beef with diseased cows ! Maybe this vegan lifestyle is the way to go ? Read more about how this meat made it to stores after the jump.

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Voluntary Labeling Of GMO Foods


The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food say they plan for a national standard that would allow manufacturers to voluntarily label food and beverage products made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Center for Food Safety says over 30 states are expected to introduce GMO labeling laws during the 2014 legislative session.

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