(Video) Iggy Azalea Details The Papa John’s Incident

Iggy Azalea

Following her issues with Papa John’s and their “security breach” (the delivery kid got juiced and gave out Iggy’s number to all of his friends and family,) Iggy addressed the situation in a new interview with Ryan Seacrest.

During the chat, Iggy detailed how she was a longtime customer of this Papa John’s, and hadn’t had any issues in the past. This specific instance was with a new employee, however, and he totally fanned out when he came to deliver the pizza. After not only his sister but his cousins and more began blowing up her phone, that’s when she contacted the company…only for them to later tell her they’d addressed it with his mom and it’s cool now. No, that’s not cool!

Find out what happened from there below, plus how Pizza Hut threw their name in the mix!

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Papa John’s Takes Action Against Their Iggy Azalea-Loving Employee

Iggy Azalea

Following her big loss at the Grammy’s on Sunday night, Iggy Azalea got into a war of words with none other than Papa John’s Pizza on Twitter, after a relative of one of their delivery men contacted her to say he was her biggest fan. Following a quick and not-so-witty semi-apology on Twitter (where they used her lyrics,) Papa John’s has now issued a real response, as well as reportedly took action.

“Privacy of our customers and employees is extremely important to us. Papa John’s has taken appropriate disciplinary action with regard to the employee involved. We are reaching out directly to Ms. Azalea and hope to resolve this incident and make it right.”

The company did not reveal what disciplinary steps it had taken in regards to the employee.

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(Video) Couple Arrested for Stealing 57 Blocks of Cheese from Walmart

Walmart Couples Arrest for 57 Blocks of Cheese

Seems like every news story at a Walmart tries to outdo all the others…and this one definitely takes the WTF award until further notice. Were they planning on the most epic baked mac ever or getting a free re-up for their lucrative cheese racket? Who knows…but a Couple Arrested for Stealing 57 Blocks of Cheese from Walmart has everyone shaking their damn heads!!!

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Beyoncé Launches Vegan Meal Delivery Service With Her Trainer, Marcos Borges

Beyonce x Jay Z at sushi spot

Beyoncé was spotted out dining with (and possibly checking – looking at that pointed finger!) hubby Jay Z last night at a sushi spot in Los Angeles, fresh off making the announcement that she’d be launching a vegan meal delivery program.

The Queen Bey, along with her personal trainer Marcos Borges, have partnered with 22 Days Nutrition for a program that includes entirely plant-based meals, with no gluten, soy, dairy or GMOs.

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(Video) Doctors Warn About Viral Turkey Slurpee Stunt

Doctors Warn About Viral Turkey Slurpee

Now if all your friends jumped off a bridge…matter fact if they all tried to…swallow turkey slices??? Since exploding on the net Doctors Warn About Viral Turkey Slurpee Stunt and are urging people past the video’s half-hearted claim of “do not try this at home,” –do not try this EVER…due to the more than possible side effect of, well, DEATH!!!

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(Video) Can’t Sleep? Drink This Coffee…Seriously!

Can't Sleep? Drink This Coffee

Can’t Sleep? Drink This Coffee…seriously! Husband invents “Counting Sheep Coffee” for his wife and turns it into a lucrative business venture. Flip the script and try ending your day with it…if you Can’t Sleep? Drink This Coffee.

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(Video) Someone’s Been Putting Dead Animals Outside Vegetarian Restaurants

Someone's Putting Boar's Heads Outside Vegetarian Restaurants

Really though… An investigation is underway as Someone’s Been Putting Dead Animals Outside Vegetarian Restaurants in Berkeley, California. So far two boar’s heads (one skinned and one with the hair, snout, neck, eyes and all) have been found in front of meatless dining spots in the area (SMH)!!!

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(Video) New York “Real Housewife” Creates Munchie-Free Skinnygirl Marijuana

Munchie-Free Skinnygirl Marijuana

Have you been worried about how to get high, “so high that you can touch the sky” but equally as worried about your waistline and workout regimen? Well there’s a hustler for that…successful entrepreneur and New York “Real Housewife” Creates Munchie-Free Skinnygirl Marijuana after selling Skinnygirl cocktails label for $120 million. Somebody’s bout to ‘cake’ up!

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(Video) Chipotle Stops Serving Pork ???

Chipotle Stops Serving Pork

Is there really a shortage or is there really a health problem??? Chipotle Stops Serving Pork at hundreds of their restaurants leaving a lot of ‘hangry’ customers hanging not to mention a lot of eyebrows raised. What’s the deal???

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(Photos) 40 Hospitalized From Drug Laced Cake

40 in Hospital from Drug Laced Cake

Usually people know when they’re about to eat “special brownies” or embark on magical trips with their drug of choice, but this story “takes the cake” and leaves no high. An investigation is underway while at least 40 Hospitalized From Drug Laced Cake from eating holiday pastries last week.

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