(Video) Michelle Obama Visits Jimmy Kimmel With PSA ‘Eat Your Effin’ Vegetables’


First Lady Michelle Obama is doing everything she can to make fruits, vegetables and healthy eating more appealing to Americans. Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, aired her PSA that introduces her new campaign ‘FNV.’

Check out the video below.

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(Video) DJ Khaled Gives Us A Behind The Scenes Look At His New Restaurant – Finga Licking!


Not only is DJ Khaled multi-talented from the turntables to the studio, but he is also quite the business mogul!

The We The Best head honcho recently opened up a new Miami-style soul food restaurant in Northern Mi-Yayo called Finga Licking, located at 12490 NW 7th Ave. The unique restaurant specializes in fried seafood, chicken wings, lobster, steak, meatloaf and most importantly – the red velvet cake! They also offer a long list of “mysterious drinks” to accompany any dish.

Click below to check out DJ Khaled giving us a behind the scenes look at his new restaurant that is getting praised by anyone who steps foot in the building!

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Taco Bell Talks Testing Delivery Option

Taco Bell Leaks Gay Ad?

You ever just crave to go to taco bell but you don’t feel like driving anywhere? Or feel like walking a couple blocks. Well you might just be in luck.

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It’s National Buttermilk Biscuit Day! And You Can Celebrate At Popeye’s AND Church’s Chicken!

National Buttermilk Biscuit Day

They will literally make a holiday for anything. But f*ck it, today’s is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day, and I’m here for it because both Popeye’s and Church’s Chicken are giving away free ones!

Popeye’s is offering its customers one free biscuit with any purchase at participating locations, and Church’s Chicken is also offering a free honey-butter biscuit with any purchase at participating locations.

You’re welcome.

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(Photos) McDonald’s Delivers In NYC


Last Monday, McDonald’s began testing out a delivery service in New York City. Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn will be the guinea pig for this new operation.

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(Photos) Star Wars Restaurant Coming To Disney World

IFWT_Star Wars VII

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is still months away, but fans will be able to get a taste (literally) of the galaxy far, far away even sooner. A ‘Star Wars’ Lounge Experience, called the Rebel Hangar, it will be located at Disney World in Orlando. Pics and details of the Sci-Fi food are after the jump.

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No More GMO’s For Chipotle Mexican Grill!!


The healthy wave is really here! Chipotle Mexican Grill is giving up GMOs for good. Click the tab below to see why Chipotle should be your to-go quick bite from now on.

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Salted Carmel Brownie Beer? Ben And Jerry’s Teams Up For Mashup


The folks at Ben & Jerry’s are getting ready for a mashup like no other, with Colorado’s, New Belgium Brewery for a beer inspired by ice cream, a salted caramel brownie ice cream flavored beer.

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(Photos) Yikes Starbucks Close Down Because Of Computer Glitch!


Uh oh this may be troubling news for you caramel macchiato addicts out there. Yesterday night the Starbucks computers in North America and Canada malfunctioned and stopped working. Customers went into Starbucks yesterday only to be turned away or at some locations given free coffee. Some of the coffee shops were closing early and as the day progressed started accepting cash only. See what Starbucks spokesman had to say and how they fixed the glitch after the jump!

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(Photos) Oh No! Hooters Style Restaurant Called Tallywackers in Texas


A male version of the very popular and entertaining Hooters will be opening in Dallas Texas.

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