Governor Chris Christie Wants President Obama To Make 2 Pac’s Aunt Assata Shakur Return To The U.S.

Governor Chris Christie is now demanding that President Obama make Assata Shakur return to the United States. Shakur fled to Cuba in 1984 after she was convicted for the death of a NJ state trooper Werner Foerster. Since Obama went to Cuba last week.

New Jersey Lawmakers Hold Hearing On Legalizing Marijuana

Lawmakers in New Jersey will consider legislation to legalize marijuana. The hearing will entertain the idea on November 16th. Hit the jump to find out what to expect.

(Photo) NFL: Warren Sapp Says Fat Chris Christie Yells Stupid Stuff

It’s safe to say Warren Sapp is not voting for GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie.

(Video) Chris Christie Officially Announces His Run For President [Live]

New Jersey governor, Chris Christie officially announces his run for President of the United States, which means watch your back America. Find out more down bottom.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Plans To Announce His 2016 Presidential Run

News has been scattered around that New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie plans to make the announcement, Tues. June 30th, that he will be in the 2016 running for President of the United States. Sources tell NBC News that, “all indications are likely Tuesday with some details still being worked out.” Hit the jump for more.

(Video) NFL: Umm What?! Country Singer on ESPN Says Jerry Jones and Chris Christie are Gay Lovers!

This isn’t the first time NJ Governor Chris Christie attended a Dallas Cowboys game but the celebration he shared with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, has everyone talking.  This past Sunday, the Cowboys beat the Detroit Lions 24-20, moving on from the Wild Card round to face the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round.  Following the very intense and controversial win, Christie and Jones shared a bro hug along with dancing and high fives.  Apparently it was a little suggestive to this person.

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