I’m sure a lot of people are wondering what in the world is going on on social media. Plies posted a video challenging Kirk Franklin to a night out at a strip club. Then in return Kirk Franklin quickly fired back at Plies. Check out the video of Kirk Franklin’s response.

Y'all tell @plies that the album is called "Losing My Religion" not "Lost My Religion" #SeeYouInChurch!

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Looks like the only way Plies can count on Kirk Franklin to even step a foot near a strip club, he would have to attend a few church services and church activities. Some people may wonder why on earth would Plies say such a thing to someone who although is no angel, honors his desire to remain an image that focuses on church.

The funny thing is, Kirk Franklin and Plies are often called twins by a lot of people and for a while we thought they were related. I’m not sure what they are promoting but Plies has no chill! Whether this is all for publicity or not, we will have to wait and find out.

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