Several colleges have made it their business to stand up for racism as they have conducted many protests and walkouts. The spark that feuled these angry students stemmed from protests lead by The University of Missouri students upon the resignation of their President Tim Wolfe and also a race incident that had occurred at Yale University. Apparently Bill Maher had a lot to say about these protest and the people engaging in them calling them “Little Monsters.” SMH!

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On Wednesday, students at Ithaca College staged a walkout at their school. Yale University followed in a protest as one of their professors sent out an email basically telling the students to lighten up.

Bill Maher held a panel on his show. The panel consisted of Jay Leno, Michael Steele who is the former Republican National Committee Chairman, and also Dylan Ratigan, former MSNBC anchorman. Maher was pretty upset at the protestors. He accused them of taking things to the extreme. He spoke about the Missouri students who would not allow a journalist to get press for her story in a public part of the campus because they said it was a “safe place.” Maher says,

“They characterize themselves as the protestors in Tiananmen Square, but they look like the Chinese army.Their right to not be offended does not supersede the First Amendment.

Dylan Ratigan stepped in by saying,

“However irrational the response may be, it pales in comparison to the structural racism that still exists.”

Michael Steele pointed out how the administration at The University of Missouri pretty much ignored the students. Which they did! Had these kids not stepped up to the plate to be heard, they would have still been being ignored.

Maher went on to talk about the Yale protestors that he felt overreacted. He asked his panel, “Who raised these little monsters?”

Although some of Maher’s point do seem a little valid, to knock down kids who decided to take a stand for what they believe in was just not cool.

Source: Complex