San Francisco is a very popular tourist destination known for its historical landmarks and cool summers. Well just yesterday a group of tourist found themselves in a turn for the worse while viewing the city, and what started off as your typical bus tour ended as a ride of terror when it crashed into Union square.


A tour bus carrying about thirty passengers shook up the city streets of San Francisco this Friday afternoon when it crashed into Union square, injuring twenty people. Not only that but in its route the tour bus ran down a bicyclist, hit two pedestrians and smashed into several moving cars leaving six of those people in critical condition.

Immediately after the crash a Bay Area resident told Abc news

” Everybody was asking what’s going on”

and states that she seen paramedics sprinting toward the injured while the rest of the ambulances arrived.

When they arrived there was 12 people with minor injuries and the rest had moderate ones according to Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White who spoke with ABC. The Fire Fighters had to removed two passengers who was trapped under the bus as well as some trapped on the top deck.

When it comes to causes of the crash according to Hayes-White, it’s still unclear what causes lead up to the wreck although the driver was indeed conscious and speaking when Fire Fighters arrived to the scene.

“The police department will investigate what those circumstances involved, whether it was mechanical failure, whether it was driver error. It’s way too early to tell right now,”

says Hayes-White.

As of right now there are four adult patients in critical condition and two in serious ones.

Heres a video from the scene of the accident, captured by ABC News.

Source: ABC