In recent months, credited sites known for “Blind Items” have been posting one about an A-list actor, saying that he was HIV-positive and had been for a while. This coincided with those infamous Sony emails being hacked and released earlier this year, where one exec noted none other than Charlie Sheen’s HIV status.

Now, TMZ reports that Sheen will reveal his status tomorrow morning in a sit-down with Matt Lauer on The Today Show. Apparently, Charlie’s disease was able to remain under the radar of the press for more than a year, but the lid was blown after former partners found out about his status through friends he’d confided in, and went on to sue him. As you may know, it is illegal to not disclose that you’re HIV positive to your sexual partners.

Charlie reportedly settled several of the cases by paying them out and making them sign confidentiality agreements, most recently as last month – but clearly that wasn’t enough, because here we are. It’s also known that most of Charlie’s house guests are required to sign confidentiality agreements when they visit, which require anyone who might make a claim to do so in arbitration and not through the courts. Life comes at you fast.

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Source: TMZ