On Wednesday night, a Long Island father experienced a parent’s worst nightmare. After missing a routine dinner with her parents, father of Suzanne Goldfarb went looking for his daughter in her LI home and found her tied up and dead.


According to Nassau County Police, there were no signs of a break in or forced entry, which insinuates that Suzanne would have let known her killer. The Goldfarb family and police are now working together to narrow down a possible suspect and figure out who their daughter may have been hanging with that would have wanted to harm her.

Suzanne was bound and, according to police, was killed by way of asphyxiation.

Suzanne was 48 years old and people from around her neighborhood say that she was not a troublesome lady.

“She’s the sweetest woman. I couldn’t even speculate who would want to kill her,” said Mona Rivera, a close neighbor.

The owner of a deli in Merrick said,

“This isn’t what normally happens around Merrick. I mean, she was a very nice lady. She came in all the time, and there would be no inkling of something like this. She didn’t run with a bad crowd. Total surprise.”

While the situation is shocking and unfortunate, police do not have too many details and have an official investigation in place.