Sean Kingston

LAPD are currently investigating an incident reported by Sean Kingston. According to Kingston, after several disputes with jeweler over the value of a watch, he was kidnapped (by the jeweler), driven to a remote location and then dumped out of the car.

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According to the report, Sean Kingston bought a $225,000 dollar watch from the jeweler however, only made about $185,000 in payments. He claims he never paid the remaining amount because he felt like the watch was only worth $185K. After several arguments with the jeweler they came to an agreement and decided to meet for a trade. The jeweler would give Kingston a watch worth $185K and Kingston would return the watch worth $225K.

The trade was scheduled to go down around 2AM in an downtown LA parking lot. Kingston claims when he arrived at 1:50AM, he hopped in the back of the jeweler’s car to make the deal. However, instead of trading the jeweler grabbed the watch worth $225K and refused to give him another watch.

Sean claims he went OFF and refused to get out of the car without a watch. The jeweler then proceeded to lock him in the car and drive away.When they arrived at a secluded area, the jeweler and his crew threw Kingston out of the car and drove off.

Police are currently investigating the incident and if proven to be true, Sean Kingston was indeed kidnapped. Stay tuned for details….

Source TMZ