Ladies have been thirst-trapping since the dawn of time, but it appears that the men are finally getting in on the fun as well. Following in the footsteps of The Game‘s ridiculous underwear selfie that broke the internet a few weeks back, Usher is going for the same effect.

Taking to his Instagram page today, Ursh posted a pic in his black briefs, showing off his abs with the caption:

“Workin’ hard so I can eat this turkey.”

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

His pic may not last long, though. TMZ reports that though Game‘s back-to-back photos have remained up for the last 3 weeks (despite Instagram‘s normally rigid policing of such risque photos,) they’ve been flagged so much that they’re now in the process of being taken down by the IG team. Enjoy them while they last ladies.

In the meantime: who you rocking with? Ursh or The Game? Check the pics in the gallery and let us know!