A night of jogging took a turn for the worst when a 26 year old Manhattan resident was running in the park near Jackson St. on the Lower East Side when the a man attacked her. The incident took place Wednesday evening around 7:45 pm, Cops say that the suspect claimed he had a gun but never brandished it.

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The suspect grabbed the woman by the hair and dragged her off the footpath into the park’s amphitheater, where he raped her. The suspect then went through her pockets and stole her credit cards and cellphone before leaving on a bicycle, police said. The woman ran out of the park to Jackson St. where she was able to borrow someone’s cellphone to contact the police. The person whom phone she borrowed is Kevin Becker, a student who was visiting home from college, Kevin reported and said

“She came up, she was really distraught”.

She told me she was raped. I said

“Are you okay? Are you hurt? What can I do?

Kevin said.

“I was really surprised this happened in my hometown, in my area. I go to the park everyday with my dog.”

The innocent bystander stayed with the victim till the police came. She was taken to Beth Israel Medical Center, where she was treated and released, officials said.
The woman described her attacked as African American, 5 foot 8 inches, 200 pounds and with dreadlocks, police said. Cops said he’s in his 20’s!

Other joggers have described the park between the Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges has a reputation for being poorly lit and an invitation for danger. But news of the attack shocked joggers.