I know, you read the headline and probably burst out laughing but if you’re familiar with the NFC East then you know it isn’t that farfetched.  Now I’m not saying the Dallas Cowboys will make it to the playoffs, but they have a little room to dream and they are.

“We’re competitors,” executive vice president Stephen Jones told ESPN.

Jones put the quarterback’s recovery time from his recent left collarbone fracture at six to eight weeks, which could have him back for a possible wild-card game or a conference championship game.

A CT scan last Friday showed Romo suffered a hairline fracture in the healed portion of the distal fracture he suffered earlier in the season.

“It’s seven or eight fractures versus one,” Jones said, referring to the initial break in Week 2. “Is that a difference? Some say no and some say yes, to be honest with you. And I’m not a doctor.”

The Washington Redskins beat the New York Giants to take first place in the NFC East; both teams still have a losing record at 5-6.  The Philadelphia Eagles stand at 4-7 while the Dallas Cowboys are 3-8.

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