C. Breezy just made himself a new purchase, flooding his whole camp with NBA-style “championship rings” made of pure gold and diamonds. Photos and details after the jump.

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Chris Brown made the call to NYC’s Joe Avianne of Avianne and Co. for his expensive or not so expensive for him, purchase of custom jewelery.

The 15 gold and diamond encrusted rings are for his team to sport wherever they might be together. Brown picks up the tab after his crew OHB (Original Hood Bosses) continuously display their loyalty to Brown and his career.

The rings are each individually made with 50 to 60 grams of 14 karat gold and boasts roughly about 3 carats worth of diamonds. Traditionally, Brown sports the biggest ring of them with his ring tallying up to between 10 and 12 carats in diamonds.

The jeweler Joe Avianne, told TMZ Sports that Brown and the rest of OHB are scheduled to pick up their custom big rings today…we’ll probably be able to check more pics of that on Breezy’s instagram later today. Until than, we have photos of the 15 $100,000 rings in the gallery!

Breezy’s new album Royalty is also slated for a December 18th release date.

Merry Christmas squad!