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An NBA player was arrested in L.A. this week after allegedly stealing a brand new Mercedes from a valet stand and going on a wild joyride.

The alleged car thief is Jeff Adrien — a 29-year-old ex-college stud at UCONN who played 5 seasons in the NBA. In fact, he was a team captain on the UCONN team that made the Final Four in ’09.

Law enforcement tells TMZ Sports, Adrien — who played with the Minnesota Timberwolves last year — was waiting outside of a popular West Hollywood hotel where he was staying when he saw a guy valet a pretty sick Mercedes.

Adrien somehow got the keys to the Mercedes (even though he didn’t have a claim ticket) and peeled off with the car.

One source says Adrien went on a 6 hour joyride before RETURNING IT back at the hotel.

Someone figured out what happened and informed the owner and Adrien was later arrested by LAPD for grand theft auto and taken to jail!  He was later released on $25k bail.

The person who owns the car says Adrien not only damaged the ride  but his car REEKED of weed when he got it back and he’s pissed!

Well yea I would be pretty pissed too.  Bizarre story, I wonder if Adrien was on anything else besides weed.

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