In my opinion Cam Newton seems like a pretty great guy but he’s confident and likes to have a little fun and for that people crucify him.  Newton’s Panthers are currently 12-0, won the NFC South for the third year in a row and he’s leading the MVP conversations.  So for anyone that wants to criticize the QB, he has three words “kiss my a**”.

Ok he didn’t outright say that for no reason, it’s actually part of a show.

According to Larry Brown Sports, Newton was contacted by Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall for a segment on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL.” The segment was called “kiss my”, which should give you an idea of what it was about.

Here’s the text message Marshall says Newton sent him in response to an inquiry for the show.

“For you guys that think I celebrate too much … kiss my,” Newton’s text to Marshall read.

“For you guys that think the towel on my head is ridiculous … kiss my.

“The way I dress … kiss my.

“For all the guys out there that think I’m not the MVP … kiss my,” Newton said in his text to Marshall, according to the wide receiver.

I’m with him on that 100%.

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