ifwt_Fetty Wap x Alexis Sky

From the looks of it, Fetty Wap is quite the ladies man. He has his first baby mama who is his high school sweetheart, another recent baby moms who is always all over the blogs for fighting with him, a whole girlfriend who holds it down, another chick (Masika) who is currently pregnant with his kid and Alexis Sky who is just basically there (not quite sure her purpose).

Despite all of the drama that is currently occurring in the world of Fetty Wap’s angels, his Trap Queen Alexis Sky is still going hard for him. Not only did she get his name tatted not once but TWICE, but she was showing off her bae on SnapChat yesterday to prove to the haters that Fetty is still rockin’ with her.

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Many say it’s a publicity stunt (which makes the most sense) but I think Alexis is a little beat for the “679” rapper. I mean, why else would she tattoo his name all over her body?

Check the SnapChat screenshot of Alexis and Fetty in the gallery. He does NOT look too excited to be taking that picture though.. LMAO. #SideChickProblems