So just last week we heard about Shy Glizzy getting robbed for his chain in Memphis. Sources say that Glizzy was caught slipping as he was beat up and robbed for his chain. The incident circled social media was pictures of Glizzy’s chain and even a video. A group of men took pictures of the chain and raised hell about Glizzy not doing a song with them. Glizzy had alot to say about the alleged incident as he says that is NOT what happened.

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He responded to the viral story saying that whatever story is being told, is not what happened. Glizzy said he was not robbed. He claimed that the men found the chain on the floor and picked it up. Glizzy also tweeted, “I slip’d up and got comfortable but that come from tha amount of love I show other ni–az. never again.” We may never know the truth but according to Glizzy, this was no robbery. Check out the tweets in the gallery.

Source: Complex