Since her album has dropped, this artist has been setting new records from left to right! And every time she does, they just seem to get bigger and better! So although this year is almost over, Adele just showed us she isn’t finished yet! Adele’s album ’25’ has just set a new record!

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According to Billboard, ’25’ is now the first album to ever sell over a million copies in three separate weeks! In the first week of sales ’25’ sold 1.15 million copies in the US. Now the album is at a total of 7.13 million copies sold while holding the No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts for its fifth week in a row! Thats just simply incredible!

Joining Adele on the Billboard 200’s chart is Justin Bieber’s Purpose at the No. 2 spot and Chris Brown’s new album ‘Royalty’ locked in the No. 3 spot as well.

Well it looks like Adele is ending this year with a bang, and it wouldn’t be Adele without one!

Congrats Adele, you go girl!