IFWT_Barnes Govan Fisher

I’m sure you remember back in October when Matt Barnes went to his estranged wife Gloria Govan’s house and engaged in a physical altercation with Derek Fisher.  There were reports that Fisher and Govan dating is what set Barnes off and led to the fight.  Barnes later said that texts and Facetime calls showed that his son was uncomfortable with Fisher being at the house and that is why he went over there.  Well the NBA has been investigating the incident and finally came up with a punishment.

According to Yahoo NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA is suspending Matt Barnes for two games.  There’s been no reports about a suspension or fine for Derek Fisher.  Barnes reportedly started the fight and beat Fisher up.

Barnes has already been fined $250,000 since 2011 for various incidents and has said that the NBA views him as a villain.

Barnes is expected to serve the suspension in Tuesday’s game against the Miami Heat and Saturday’s game at the Utah Jazz.  He has averaged 8.5 points for the Grizzlies this season.

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