Lark Voorhies….has bleached her skin. See what the “Saved By The Bell” star has to say about her skin transformation as well as her ethnicity and being an American.


“No, I am not black. I am American! I was born in America. I was not born in Africa, therefore I am not african. Africans are not african-americans! LV”

Words any and every Lark Voorhies fan will remember from now on as Lark bleaches her skin from black to white and releases the reveal on her Instagram.

We can only assume and wait (not for long) to see what the Internet must be thinking as the backlash has already begun. Especially in such a crucial time in America where racism seems to pushing itself back to the forefront as many consider to be history repeating itself. Now, whereas a member of the black community has disowned not only her own identity, but what it means to be yourself as a whole – regardless of color.

What do you think of Lark’s transformation? Maybe she will not be accepted at first, but in this day in age it will definitely be easier to be accepted than it was for the late great Michael Jackson decades ago.

Photos are in the gallery above and let us know what you think in the comments.