After years of pushing for Hip Hop to have it’s own Hall of Fame, it has finally been decided that The Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Museum will open in Harlem on the borough’s historic 125th Street later this year.

In a press release about the long awaited Hall of Fame, Dove Entertainment, who is running the press for the Hall stated,

“The community of Harlem has a rich history of arts and cultural contributions. The Harlem Renaissance has influenced artists, poets, scholars, educators, politicians, fashion, entrepreneurs, entertainers and community leaders from New York City throughout the world. Hip Hop music and culture will now join that legacy in Harlem as the Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum is set to open up its offices on the historic 125th Street.”

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The hall will be set up much like Madame Tussauds and will honor it’s inductees with a wax figure and according to reports will also feature, “over 35 exhibits, galleries, interactive displays, special topic exhibits, memorabilia, and collectibles.” Not to mention, a retail gift shop, restaurant, sports bar, concert lounge, TV studios, offices and house the Hip Hop Arts and Media Academy.

The Media Academy is said to be the main priority for the Hall of Fame, however. Later in their statement, Dove Entertainment revealed,

“Students will be trained by industry professionals with special celebrity guest speakers, and graduate with their very own online e-commerce store teaching valuable skills, entrepreneurship, job creation and business management. All classes will include a ‘Life-Skills Module’ teaching young people about personal development, family and professional values and etiquette, college prep, career prep, financial literacy, home-ownership and entrepreneurship. Classes will range from 6-10 weeks and be in-conjunction with our Harlem Business, Community, Arts, Cultural, Media, and Educational Program Partners.”

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