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Things continue to get messy between WNBA star Brittney Griner and her estranged wife Glory Johnson.  Johnson initially wanted $20,000 in spousal support but that was shut down by the judge; now the two are back at it as Johnson is demanding child support.

Glory Johnson gave birth to twins and wants Griner to pony up child support.  Johnson announced her pregnancy and Griner filed for an annulment the very next day.  Johnson says the twins are the result of artificial insemination which she and Griner agreed to do together.  Griner however believes the children may have been sired by Johnson’s ex-boyfriend.

According to TMZ Sports, Griner admits she and Johnson agreed to have a child with the help of a fertility clinic, and she also seems agreeable to pay support if Glory was inseminated at the clinic.  She still has a strong suspicion though that the sperm came from Glory’s ex in which case she shouldn’t have to pay support.

Griner wants to get to the bottom of things by pursuing Glory’s medical records.  Glory has already begun to post medical bills on her Instagram account (her babies were in NICU); she hasn’t mentioned Griner but it’s pretty clear that she’s indicating she needs help.

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