When your stepmother is Loretta Lynch, the United States Attorney General, there is no way you should be doing time; any amount of time. Unfortunately for Kia Absalom, who you know is not a phrase that would have worked when it came down to dealing with an Uber driver who wanted his money.

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Following her short ride, Absalom was asked to pay her fare, but she did not have the cash, nor plastic.

Now, when I first heard this story I was like ‘they would have booked my a** too, because I heard the New Year’s Eve overpriced horror stories. However, the young girl’s fare was only $20. Lynch’s child by marriage explained to the Uber drive that she had booked her Uber experience through the UberT application, and was under the impression that she paid through that. The driver was hearing none of that as he drove directly to the nearest police station.

“This lady doesn’t want to pay me,” he explained to the NYPD.

Absalom was taken to a holding cell where she stayed for several hours. Her boyfriend later showed up to pay up. Upon receipt of the $20, her arrest was voided.

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