It looks like it was NOT a lucky New Years for a couple in the U.K.

The two were denied their $52 million in winnings due to a mistake within their SmartPhone app. Both Edwina and David Nylan called the U.K. lottery to submit their winning numbers until they were rudely awakened by the news that they “entered the drawing too late.”

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They purchased a ticket on December 23rd via their cell phone right before they were alerted that the ticket required more money to complete the purchase. After they added the money and were given the six random numbers, they apparently just did NOT confirm the purchase before the 7:30 PM deadline.

“We’ve tried to have a laugh about it but we’re completely distraught,” Edwina told SWNS. “We’ve spent years paying out for the lottery and this money could have changed our lives. We feel like we’ve been cheated out of it.”


Source: HuffPo