There is only one Once Upon a Time in Shaolin Wu-Tang Clan copy, and Martin Shkreli, a man that many hate, is the one that got dibs on the $2 million project. The thing is, Shkreli is currently in police custody following an arrest on federal fraud charges, which leaves many to wonder how the Clan members, RZA specifically, feels about the treatment of the once in a lifetime album.

RZA sat down with Bloomberg Business to reveal his sentiments on events that led and followed the sale.

“He did mention his love of hip-hop, and I mentioned to him the importance I think this record is,” RZA says about their first meeting in a clip of the Bloomberg segment, which will air tonight [Jan. 6]. “Not even 60 days later, he put in a strong offer.”

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For RZA, the only thing that counts is that the most hated man in America has already paid for the album.

“Art — the beautiful thing about art, from my standpoint, is that it has no discrimination,” Rza says. “What we’ve done is historical, and you can’t remove that.”

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