Rory Fresco is the luckiest artist on Earth right now! His song Lowkey automatically plays on Soundcloud after Kanye West’s new song Real Friends & No More Parties In L.A. Hit the jump for more.

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In a recent interview, Rory talks about how grateful he is that Soundcloud’s algorithm decided his song should play after Kanye’s new track.

I never would have thought something like this could happen. I’m very grateful. I love Kanye, that’s my idol.

I don’t really get that much traffic. I’m from Kansas City and you wouldn’t guess people really play your music coming from where I am. I check my plays every morning, and this morning and it was at, like, 6,000. Then I went upstairs, ordered some pizza, and came back down, and it was at, like, 8,000.

I thought someone big and with a lot of clout had tweeted it.

Later through fans on Twitter, the rapper found out that the reason for the high traffic to his song was because his song played after Kanye’s latest drop. This is almost as good as winning the lottery.