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The bond Tyler Perry and Oprah have is unbreakable. From Magazine covers to the big screen, these two are true relationship goals. Who wouldn’t want a friend that they can grow to be successful with? Beyond the screens, Tyler Perry and Oprah share another precious bond together…Perry’s one-year-old son Aman is Oprah’s godson.

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Perry shared that information on The Tonight Show. I can only imagine having Oprah as a godmother! For a one year old it is probably toys GALORE! Oprah is considered a self proclaimed BILLIONAIRE who definitely helps the world out a lot. From schools in Africa to gifts for her whole live studio audience. Oprah sets the bar for a role model.

Oprah delivered a basket full of books to her Godson. She titled them, “Aman’s Book Club.” Perry says the books will last Aman from diapers to college. Fallon and Perry shared a ton of laughs during the show as both of them are fathers to young children.

Source: Complex