ABC’s show The Bachelor has been on the air for 20 seasons and has been very successful but it looks like the hit ABC show is going to make a few changes. The show always catered to certain demographics but it might be making a few changes so that the so will be more appealing to different groups of people. Although there is lack of diversity on the Bachelor and Bachelorette in the past a lot of us are wondering when or if this will change. I mean there has only been one Bachelor that wasn’t white in the past 14 years. Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

Instagram | Carli Knox

Entertainment weekly has brought this attention to ABC’s entertainment chief Paul Lee during a press tour over the weekend. Paul Lee said that there are a lot of tweaks. He also said that he would be very surprised if the Bachelorette this summer isn’t diverse. Although Lee did not give a reason for ABC’s selection of non-diverse stars for their show he did make a hint that there might be a diverse Bachelorette next season depending on who wins at the end of the current season.

Do you guys think that the show would be more appealing if the show was more diverse? Comment below and tell us what you think.

Source: Varity Entertainment Weekly