Charlie Sheen has been living a very dangerous and on-the-edge lifestyle for quite some years before he recently announced that he was infected with the HIV virus. He went on a hiatus after revealing the news to the public, but he recently appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to make his come-back and to let the world know what his current health status is looking like.

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“I’m amazed that I’m actually alive,” Sheen revealed on the show. “But I beat myself up from time to time about why it took me so long once I knew that I was HIV positive to really start embracing the whole physical package and the whole psychological package about bettering myself.”

He also got into detail about how he copes with the disease and the side-affects that come with it.

“There’s a host of side-effects that are manageable,” Sheen said. “I was just curious, as I think a lot of people are. You know, you ingest something every day, and you feel a certain way. I just got curious about what I might feel like off this stuff. And then, if what was being professed, if any part of it was true, then I thought it was worth exploring.”

Oh, Charlie.. smh!