Tennessee rapper, Young Dolph recently shared with fans that following a court appearance, rather than having to pay a fine or serve some kind of time, the judge ordered him to look after a delinquent teen. In his most recent Instagram posts, Dolph has documented his time so far with the teen and it’s rather interesting, to say the least.

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Following his court appearance, Young Dolph shared a photo of himself and the teen with the caption, “went to court and da judge ordered for me to take this little kid in my custody for 24hrs….. His mom said he been skippin school and stealing n shit.” What makes this so crazy, is that Dolph is standing next to the teen and appears to be smoking a blunt…..

Later, Young Dolph posted again detailing the struggle he’s going through with the teen. He wrote,

“Why dis little bad muddaf*#er jus tell me ‘this house is cool but let’s go to the other one’ ME: ‘what other one’? HIM: ‘Your traphouse….. Duuuhhhh’! ME: ‘Don’t make me put dis belt on your little ass’.”

Currently, it remains unclear if a judge did in fact order Dolph to this kind of service or if it’s a hoax but we hope its true! Click the gallery for photos.