IFWT_Ciara Future Russell Wilson

Future is either a prophet or has perfect timing because he got the best promo ever yesterday.  He dropped his new mixtape “Purple Reign” and there just happens to be an emoji that symbolizes it perfectly, a purple umbrella with raindrops.  Like the diamond emoji that was used for Future and Drake’s WATTBA and sprinkled all over Meek Mill’s Instagram, fans did the same with Purple Reign for Ciara and Russell Wilson.  The quarterback and his Seattle Seahawks lost to the Panthers 31-24 on Sunday including a 31-0 first half.  Fans and even publications such as Fox and Bleacher Report used pictures of Future, the umbrella and grape emojis poking fun at Wilson.  The Panthers also played Future’s music during warmups.  In the end Ciara stood by her man (as she should) and posted a picture of him with a heartfelt message on her Instagram account.

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