Cops have rescued an upstate runaway teen who nearly ended up being forced into Prostitution in the housing complex of castle hills in the Bronx. A 22 year old man along with 4 female teens forced the runaway into posing and taking provocative pictures. They then tried to force the teen into the sex trade,when she refused she was beaten by the woman. Keep reading past the jump for the full story.

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The brave runaway managed to send her mom a text about what was happening and where she was. Sources say the mother immediately notified the state police who alerted the NYPD. Police kicked down the doors to the castle hill apartment thursday evening and saw the runaway teen inside. They grabbed the teen and arrested the captures.It was discovered the 22 year old male capturer Emilio Moreno who has nine prior arrests. One included gun possession,and has been charged with promoting prostitution. No clear evidence as to how the girl and the captures crossed paths, but the runaway had been gone for almost three weeks before contacting her mother.She was also treated at the hospital for 2 black eyes after being beaten my the females in the house who reportadly advertised on backpage.com were also charged with assault.