We’ve learned quite a few details regarding El Chapo’s time on the run over the course of six months before he was recaptured at the end of last year. One thing we do know El Chapo did while in hiding was an interview with actor Sean Penn for Rolling Stone magazine. Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo was the link between the Mexican king pin and American actor, however she claims that Penn blindsided her with the interview and because of it she now fears for her life.

Check out her side of the story below.

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TMZ reports; El Chapo’s lawyers reached out to Kate while he was on the run and saying that he wanted to meet her, for the purpose of doing a “Mexican-Godfather” type movie on his life. (We know now that he was really just trying to make it go “down in the DMs). Kate then reached out to two filmmakers and planned to meet with El Chapo to get the film rolling. According to Kate one of the filmmakers she hired reached out to Penn about the project and he requested to come along. She agreed thinking a big star will help out the project.

Kate who maintains she was unaware of the Rolling Stone project, claims that Sean approached Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner and told him about the El Chapo. After getting the OK for the assignment and a letter providing legal immunity, for the two filmmakers and himself, Sean Penn joined the group for the meeting with El Chapo.

Kate claims as soon as the meeting began Sean Penn, sprang the Rolling Stone interview on her and asked El Chapo for permission. Now she claims she fears for her life as she was outed by the actor.

Sean Penn denies all of Kate’s accusations saying she knew about the interview and even signed off article and was involved in the fact-checking process.