The neuropathologist who first discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in NFL players said he believes that O.J. Simpson is suffering from the degenerative brain disease. As it turns out, OJ himself contemplated using that as a defense to explain what caused him to commit kidnapping and robbery in Las Vegas years ago.


Dr. Bennett Omalu is not trying to say OJ has an excuse for what he did because of the CTE, he is merely pointing out that he believes he suffers from it.

“I would bet my medical license that he has CTE,” Omalu said. “Given his profile, I think it’s not an irresponsible conclusion to suspect he has CTE.” As you know, Omalu became famous as the doctor that was behind the Will Smith movie “Concussion”.

The interesting part about Omalu’s comments is that Simpson had actually considered arguing a similar point in April 2012. The former Bills running back argued that he deserved a new trial because new evidence would show that the “numerous blows to [his] head” during his football career caused several concussions, which led him down a dark path that eventually led to the kidnapping and armed robbery.

“I was knocked out of games for such head blows repeatedly in the 1970s and other times I continued playing despite hard blows to my head during the football games,” Simpson said in 2012, via ESPN.com.

Don’t count on any of this helping OJ get out of prison anytime soon.