If you have seen Manny Pacquiao box then you know his hands can be a thing of beauty at times. If you have seen him play basketball then you know when it comes to that sport it is totally different! Nobody will use words like graceful to describe his game. Words like “terrible” or “ugly” will come to mind first.


Seriously, Pacquiao is pretty bad on the court but he clearly thinks all he has to do is copy other greats and then he will be great. Pacman coaches and plays for a team in the Philippines and he decided they need to look like the Golden State Warriors this year. Peep the images in the gallery and try not to laugh. Manny reminds me of a old guy at the YMCA who wears whatever he sees other players wearing and thinks that will help. He even got his own face on the jersey of the team! Check the gallery!

Manny visited with the Warriors last year and he was obviously impressed!