It was recently reported that Houston rapper, Mike Jones was arrested and charged on 34 counts of human trafficking and was looking at 5 to 14 years in prison while being held on $100,000 bond. The alleged charges were rumored to have taken place between September to December of last year, however now he’s speaking out to set the record straight.

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According to Mike Jones the accusations against him are false. In a quick twitter rant, he denied the reports and even went as far as to post an email from the San Antonio Special Victims Unit. He wrote, “Setting the Record Straight ! Call the Sgt of the City where they say the rumor happened n see what he say!”

In the email, Sgt. Bill Grayson apologized to the rapper saying, “The San Antonio Police Department has not filed any such charges against Michael Jones for the offense of human trafficking.” adding, “I hope this email clears up any miscommunication involving The San Antonio Police Department and your client Michael Jones.”

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