LeSean McCoy has surfaced in public for the first time since the bar fight early Sunday morning and he finally broke his silence on the incident.

McCoy was leaving the Misconduct Tavern in Philadelphia on Wednesday night when a reporter from the Philly Influencer asked if he had a statement to his fans.

It’s hard to hear but it sounds like McCoy says, “I made a mistake but sooner or later I’ll have my say.”

It’s a big deal because if that is what he said, he’s basically acknowledging he was a part of the brawl.  It seems like he realized that because he quickly then refused to talk to the reporter and his friends had to keep him calm and tell him to keep moving.

As I posted on Tuesday, footage was released of McCoy and three friends who are accused of having an altercation with three off-duty police officers with two of them suffering serious injuries including broken bones and bad lacerations.

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source: TMZ Sports