As woman we tend to ask for a lot! Some more than others, but its just in the nature of females to be difficult. When it comes to men we can be extremely picky! Again, some more than others, but we all have picky tendencies. Steve Harvey has always been known to dig deep when it comes to men and woman and relationships. First he came for the guys when he dropped his tell all book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Now ladies, its our turn. During a recent experiment done by Harvey, he proves that superficial woman, miss out on good men.

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During his show, Steve got the chance to meet a set of twins. The twins claim that the guys they date must have a certain type of physical appearance and also the right face/body. Steve set these woman up on a date with men that met their standards. What he did was disguise the men and make them not as attractive as could be. The woman were really turned off by the mens looks and didn’t want to even engage in the date due to their looks. OKAY STEVE! you proved your point! We need to not look so much at looks but the inside.

Source: WSHH