IFWT_Ray_ShannonSome NBA teams still occasionally call Ray Allen to see if they can lure him out of retirement but nobody has been able to. At this point it seems he is content with closing that chapter of his life and starting a new one that involves owning a restaurant.


Allen and his wife, Shannon Allen, have announced plans to open a restaurant in the Miami area called Grown, which will feature an array of low-cost healthy, gluten-free food in a fast food setting. Upon the various items on the menu are juices, smoothies, soups, sandwiches, wraps, baked goods and coffee, all of which will cost between $4 and $18, according to the Miami Herald.

The Allens made the decision to open the restaurant after years of having to avoid similar, less healthy fast food venues due to their son Walter’s Type I diabetes diagnosis. Savannah expounded on the idea in an interview with the Herald:

“I had an aha moment where I realized I couldn’t sit around helpless waiting for someone else to create a fast-food option that met our family’s dietary needs, and as we did our research it became obvious that this wasn’t a struggle unique to us, families everywhere are looking for convenience without compromise,” she said.

The restaurant is set to open in March and we wish them the best in their new business.