The Warriors came out of the all star break and simply got destroyed the Damian Lillard and the Portland Trailblazers. After the beat down though it appears they got it back together after defeating the Hawks and becoming the fastest team in NBA history to reach 50 wins. The win kept them ahead of the 95-96 Bulls pace as they are currently 50-5 with 27 games remaining. Adding insult to the loss was Steph Curry, who after burying a three pointer in front of the Hawks bench, he looked them down and gave them a shoulder shimmy. He would later explain that was for Kent Bazemore, a former Warriors teammate now playing in Atlanta.


There does seem to be somewhat of a double standard when it comes to Steph as compared to other NBA players. He gets treated by the media like a good, innocent guy, but he loves to talk sh*t and get under the skin of the other team. I wonder if some guys like Lebron, Russell Westbrook and other elite stars did the same things as Steph would they also be treated the same way or would they be treated as “disrespectful” or doing too much.

Only way to stop Steph from clowning on your team is to actually stop him and that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.