Tonight Jacquees took to Twitter to express his musical opinion. Jacquees says besides Chris Brown, no the R&B singer can touch him.

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Tory Lanez seemed to think this was funny as he replied to the tweet laughing. Jaquees snapped back saying,

“Yo watermelon head ass tried to act like you ain’t know me at Revolt now you tweet watching! Just follow me bro @torylanez”

Quees went on to say,

“Yo pen pretty dope bro but vocal wise Naaaaaa you R NOT fuckin wit the kid. @torylanez you tried it bro, keep hustling ✌?️”

When it comes to beef, Tory is pretty quit. He already made it known that he is not here for the beef. He just wants to feed his family and keep it moving so I highly doubt this beef will get any further than this.

SOURCE: IG (@theshaderoom)