Michael Jordan has always been known as the ultimate competitor and according to Knicks legend Patrick Ewing, that competitive spirit can get going even if he just met you. Ewing explains the very first time he ever met MJ was the the University of North Carolina while Ewing was still deciding where to attend school. It went from recruiting trip to a game of one on one with two future legends real quick.


“I did go on a visit and Michael was there at the same time. That was the first time I met him. Michael talked trash that day and he still hasn’t stopped,” Ewing told the Charlotte Observer. “We played in street clothes because Michael just kept trash-talking. I don’t even remember who won, but I do remember dunking on him.”

The fact he can’t remember would lead you to believe Jordan won because MJ himself would damn sure remember. Ewing also noted that Jordan would win if they went after it these days, noting Jordan is “in a little better shape these days.”

It’s crazy to know how close they actually became to being teammates in college. They likely would have won the national championship each year they were there.

Ewing went on to reveal that then coach Dean Smith told him that if he decided not to come to UNC that Georgetown would be his best bet. Turns out he was right.