Jeremy Meeks aka "Dreamy McMug Shot"
We all remember Jeremy Meeks right? The Felon that all the ladies fell in love with? Well Meeks is now fresh out of the penn and free to roam. Meeks had spent two years in jail for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

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Meeks blew up after the Stockton Police Department officials uploaded his mugshot to their Facebook page in June 2014. Women went crazy over the picture. The thirst became too real! From “Marry me,” to “I’d visit him in jail,” these woman were beyond hot for Jeremy Meeks. Word on the street is , White Cross Management is working on getting his own TV series. The women will definitely flip over this one.

White Cross agent Jim Jordan says,

“We’re putting everything in place. We’re in talks with a lot of different agencies. There’s movies on the table. We have a lot of different things happening.”

Source: Complex