While Kesha continues fighting in court to get out of her recording contract with producer Dr. Luke, it has been reported that SONY is planning to drop the producer.

Kesha claimed that Dr. Luke abused and raped her over the course of ten years and not too ago a judge ruled in Luke’s favor saying Kesha can just work with other producers without being let go of her contract, however following the ruling SONY came forth with a statement saying Kesha’s contract lies with Dr. Luke. Now, according to reports by The Wrap, SONY which houses Dr.Luke’s Kemasobe Records, is planning on dropping him, despite having one year left in his contract. The plans stem from public outcry over Kesha’s claims against him.

According to an inside source, “The fact that this hasn’t already been taken care of is confusing, especially for people in the building,” while another source added, “Somebody has been convicted via Twitter, no court has convicted this person, so there may not be any legal basis to terminate an agreement. It would have to be mutual.”

A Sony Music reps have declined for comment. Stay tuned for more details….

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