IFWT_Laila Ali

Laila Ali kinda sorta comforted Holly Holm and Conor McGregor on their losses but really humblebragged about never losing herself.

Muhammad Ali’s daughter was at LAX when she told TMZ Sports she doesn’t follow MMA on the regular but she definitely knew about the upsets at UFC 196 this past weekend.

“You win some, you lose some,” Ali said.  “Except me, I’m undefeated.”

“But MOST PEOPLE win some and lose some.”

She’s a chip off the old block…

For the record, Ali was 24-0 during her pro boxing career, with 21 wins by knockout.

There’s more, Ali also talked about Maria Sharapova’s doping tests and while she says she supports Maria, Laila says Maria shouldn’t blame anyone but herself.

“As an athlete, you gotta be responsible for whatever it is you put in your body.”

She can watch the video here.

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