Katt Williams has been released from jail after assaulting his bodyguard. Prosecutors were really trying to get him to be held with no bail but he was actually released on a $60k bond. The judge has ordered Williams to stay away from drugs, alcohol and guns.

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During Williams’s hearing, he was given 2 new charges, marijuana and firearm possession. Both of these are felonies which is reasoning behind prosecutors wanting Willams held with no bail. He was already charged with making terroristic threats and false imprisonment. Williams ordered his friends to assault his bodyguard Corey Williams and hold him hostage. Prosecutors also say that Williams shaved his bodyguards beard as he held him down and threatened to kill him. He is not allowed to go anywhere near the bodyguard and he must surrender his passport.

This is one of the many incidents we have seen Williams get into within the past week. Lets hope he calms down after this.

Source: TMZ