The sporting world is changing and some people are ahead of the curve. Sports are no longer restricted to physical play on a field or court somewhere. They have now expanded into the living room and to be more specific, into our televisions via “Esports”. There is some serious money involved believe it or not and two superstars in the sporting world themselves wanted to make sure they were involved.


Shaq & Alex Rodriguez are the latest athletes to get involved in Esports. They are joined by Jimmy Rollins and former NBA player Rick Fox.

They’ve bought into NRG Esports, which owns League of Legends and Counter-Strike teams.

The deal had a purpose to bring even more mainstream athletes into the world of eSports. NRG’s chairman Andy Miller said the trio approached NRG, looking to get on board.

Rollins actually plays League of Legends and Shaq is tight with Miller, since they are co-owners of the Sacramento Kings. Looks like A-Rod just saw a good deal.

Shaq was clearly excited about the deal.