IFWT_David Ortiz

Whether it’s dancing in the end zone after a touchdown or flipping your bat after a home run, some people have an issue with these celebrations.  Letters were written after Cam Newton dabbed and danced in the end zone during the Panthers win over the Titans and outrage ensued after Jose Bautista’s glorious bat flip after hitting a home run (a HR that propelled the Blue Jays to an ALDS series win over the Rangers btw).  Many cite that it’s bad sportmanship and showboating blah, blah, blah but David Ortiz had the perfect message for those apart of the Get Off My Lawn posse.

As one of just three active players (along with Alex Rodriguez and Bartolo Colon) who fits that description and with 503 career regular-season homers to his credit, Ortiz qualifies as something of an expert on the subject of etiquette related to fence-clearing blasts.

“Whenever somebody criticizes a power hitter for what we do after we hit a home run, I consider that person someone who is not able to hit a homer ever in his life,” Ortiz told the Globe. “Look at who criticizes the power hitters in the game and what we do. It’s either a pitcher or somebody that never played the game. Think about it. You don’t know that feeling. You don’t know what it takes to hit a homer off a guy who throws 95 miles per hour. You don’t know anything about it. And if you don’t know anything about it, [shut up]. [Shut up]. Seriously. If you don’t know anything about it, [shut up], because that is another level.”

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