A few months ago we heard that Columbus Short and Karrine Steffans had allegedly tied the knot. Some court documents have now surfaced showing that Short is actually married to someone else. A woman by the name of Tanee Short. The divroce papers for the two were pending until February 16, due to the fact that Columbus had not sign off. This means that Columbus and Karrine were indeed together while he was with his wife. The divorce has not been granted and is still pending.

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This is not all! Columbus is facing 2 possible probation violations for not completing court ordered classes, community service, and getting brand new 3 restraining orders against him since pleading guilty to domestic violence against Tanee. Along with all that, Columbus is on a 3 year probation for attacking a man at a bar. The fourth restraining order was filed by MTV “Are You The One” star Simone Kelly, claiming that Columbus Short broke into her home, bit her, and and threatened to kill her.

Source: Fameolous