Snoop might be famous for his rhymes but at one point he was just like the rest of us idolizing professional wrestlers and wanting to be like them. The Dogg Father has grown alot since then but his love of wrestling never left as he has made numerous appearances with the WWE over the years. For his contribution to the sport, WWE announced over the weekend that they will induct Snoop into their Hall of Fame!


In a statement released by the WWE they said:

Snoop is an avid member of the WWE Universe, and has even joined WWE’s Superstars and Divas to create several memorable moments. He brought his unique flair to WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando, where he served as the Master of Ceremonies for what could only be described as a unique Lumberjill Match between Divas Maria & Ashley and Melina & Beth Phoenix. Coming to the ring in a custom Mercedes-Benz cart, Snoop led the Lumberjills to the squared circle and introduced the competitors in his inimitable fashion. Later, when Santino Marella tried to confront his ex-girlfriend Maria after the battle, Snoop leveled The Milan Miracle with a clothesline, then shared a smooch with the beautiful Diva.

Snoop returned to WWE in 2009 as the special guest host of Raw. Right off the bat, he showed he was more than willing to give the WWE Universe what they want, making a blockbuster matchup between John Cena and Triple H. The hip-hop icon showed that he wasn’t afraid to get physical, either, protecting Hornswoggle from a beating at the hands of Chavo Guerrero by stopping the third-generation grappler in his tracks with a huge spear.

Snoop Dogg keeps a close eye on WWE to this day, and is arguably the biggest fan of his cousin, “The Boss” Sasha Banks.

The induction ceremony will take place this Saturday on the WWE network at 8pm. A short time after the announcement, Snoop took to Instagram to show his appreciation and love in return.

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