During a interview on ‘Ebro in the Morning,’ Tracy Morgan got really emotional while talking about his car crash. He spoke about losing his James McNair and how it took time for him to stop feeling as though the death was his fault.

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“I wasn’t able to do nothing until I started forgiving… myself. Everybody that was in that … truck that night, I asked to be there. I appreciate things now, especially Hot 97 putting me in front of my home crowd for the first time since the accident. Think about that. For the first time. I’m home.”

Morgan went on to say that he has days where he cant remember things. He also says he was blind for a week after he had woken up from the coma. Morgan’s wife broke the news to him a month after the coma.

“I just don’t wanna leave man, I really don’t. That’s how I be feeling sometimes, like if I leave… I don’t mean to say like something bad gonna happen… You don’t know how I feel man. Anybody that ain’t never been in a coma for 10 days don’t know how I feel. You feel fortunate, cause you look at it. Like for a year I sat on my chair and just watched the footage of the wreckage, that was part of my therapy. Then I look at my wife and my daughter running around, and I’m like woah, wow, wow… Nobody wanna see nobody go out like that no matter what. That was a hard crash. You see all that steel? You see the size of that machine. You been on the turnpike. Everybody here been on the turnpike next to those trucks. Those are big machines. Imagine one doing 65 mph. I don’t remember nothing. I woke up like two weeks later in the hospital.”

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